Group A represents Holding ANTRINCO.

This group currently manages the companies Electrocirkel, EAV and Soper.

History of the holding :

  • 1977 - Founding of Electro Cirkel N.V.
  • 1992 - Management buy-out
  • 2000 - Acquired De Clerq
  • 2000 - Acquired Servitec
  • 2001 - Moved the company to Bredabaan
  • 2005 - Acquired Thermeclair
  • 2006 - Acquired Bulckens
  • 2009 - Acquired Soper
  • 2010 - Fusion Bulckens/Soper
  • 2012 - Acquired EMJ Lighting
  • 2012 - Acquired EAV

Below you'll find a breef introduction of the companies and a link to their websites.


Soper N.V.

Soper and Buckens merged in 2010, by this collaboration both companies combined their expertise, built up over time, as a distributor and agent of a diverse product range in the fields of gas, oil, heating, chimneys, ventilation and water.

Soper aims at the professionel market: gas companies, gas distributers, wholesalers, manufacturers and industry in general. Our customers find a wide range of products, available in stock. Logisticly we work with customized software applications, who provide a fast and correct delivery.

Soper represents a lot of manufacturers in the Benelux, and carefully chooses the products they offer, and we make sure they are imported and delivered following the national guidelines. Besides that, Soper watches the renovations in environment and energy to offer the most fitting solutions for the professional market.

Many of the suppliers we represent are further presented on our website.

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Electro Cirkel N.V.

As a distributor for industry and shipping Electro Cirkel has developed a broad and loyal clientele since 1976.

Thanks to their specialized en motivated workers, they offer a wide range of products along with the necessary knowhow.

Electro Cirkel offers a solution to every problem in their field, and garanties a fast delivery from a wide range of stock products.

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EAV was founded 40 years ago as a supplier of explosionproof equipement (ATEX). Atex is short for Atmosphere Explosif!

In the meanwhile EAV has developed to a specialist in the Benelux in this matter with a wide range of equipement from reputable European manufacturers. We offer explosion proof lighting, control panels, heaters, ventilation, switchgear, earthing systems, tracing, connection material, outlets and plugs. Due to the complicity in the regulations, advice and training are equally important. The specialists of EAV are ready with this added value and the necessary stock products.

Big refineries, both petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies, engineering offices and installation companies, are amongst their customers. EAV has been a reliable partner for deliveries, advice and training in a difficult field, where regulations, knowledge and reputation are very important.



Group A - Bredabaan 100 - B-2170 Merksem